Use Design of Experiments (DOE) to:

Develop Better Products Faster.
Improve Product/Process Performance.
Reduce Experimental Effort and Time by 50 to 90%.

Learn tricks from a DOE Expert with 30 years industrial experience in Design of Experiments

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Would you like to learn the basics of a real scientific method that works?

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You can learn from lessons, written in plain and simple English, on the principles and practice of industrial Design of Experiments applied to real industrial problems of new product development, product/process performance improvement and quality improvement.

Design of Experiments (DOE) has been used extensively by DuPont, Dow, BF Goodrich and others for over 30 years. DOE was introduced by Genichi Taguchi in Japan in early sixties. Taguchi's methods became known in the USA in the early eighties when Toyota, Honda, Canon, and many others overtook their American counterparts with high quality products.

Here is what you will get in a FREE SEVEN lesson, Design of Experiments, tutorial program:

  1. What is Design of Experiments and why you should use it? And what would happen if you don't?
  2. An example of Design of Experiments, applied to product development.
  3. Inner workings of the Design of Experiments using the previous example. I will walk you through the complex concepts and make them easy to understand and apply.
  4. Different types of Experimental Designs. Which designs to apply for different types of problems?
  5. Strengths and weaknesses of Design of Experiments . When to consider other approaches? And some useful references

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Why use Design of Experiments?

Define the Problem for use in Design of Experiments

Establishing Reproducibility for Design of Experiments

Plan Experiments using Design of Experiments

Build Linear Models using Design of Experiments

Optimize Product and Process Performance using Design of Experiments

Play What if with Models based on Design of Experiments

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