Design Of Experiment Tutorial - Optimize Performance, Six Sigma, Design Of Experiments

Lesson 6: Design of Experiments: Optimize Performance.

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In my last Tutorial I provided all of you with an opportunity to ask questions via a dialog box: "What is your greatest challenge?" How can I help you with that? Several people have started asking questions on type of experimental design to use, DOE, ANOVA, Six Sigma, Simulation and related topics.

Thank you! Keep it coming.

Only by understanding your needs I can focus on topics of interest to you. I will try to address these topics as time permits.

If you like a faster response, please provide me with your email address and your name. Without that I cannot provide a personal response. Help me help you! Include your name and email address with your questions.


In Lesson 5, we discussed Linear Model Building. In this lesson let us use the linear model for optimizing product or process performance.

I will provide you with:

  • A basic knowledge of optimization methods.
  • Help you identify several optimization scenarios that are very useful for DOE projects.
  • And finally develop a general purpose optimization strategy that can be applied quickly and efficiently for almost all the Design of Experiments projects.

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